Home Owner Tips: Concrete Stamping – a Good Patio Option

When I moved into my house I was trying to decide what I was going to go with my 60’S something patio in my backyard. I was trying to find something that would be little or no maintenance as well as aesthetically pleasing. My solution was a concrete patio, but more than just the plain old concrete.

I found a company that did concrete stamping. I had owned a home with a wood deck and found the maintenance of the wood was a constant problem. Also, my neighbors has put in pavers and had trouble with shifting. Concrete stamping allows you to have any shape you can think of (I chose a 20 foot diameter circle). There are a variety of colors to choose from and also a number of different “stamping patterns”. The entire process took about 3 days. I just wash it off with my garden hose. The only upkeep is rolling on a finish, somewhat similar to a sealant, once every few years. I liked it so much I used it for a patio in front and also my sidewalk.
By Renei Schmitz

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