Keep up on Real Estate or a New Neighborhood with Google Alerts

As you look for your new home, are you becoming obsessed with real estate? You just can’t learn enough? Well, Google has a new service that will feed you more info daily. Google Alerts is a new service that tracks news and new items on the web. You enter a topic and they will send an email with related items that they have recently added to their database. If you type in “real estate” you will get an email with links to 2-6 items related to real estate. (We’ve been testing that for while now.)

You can use the same service to get news on your prospective neighborhood. Simply type in terms like “Minneapolis Education” or “Chanhassen Taxes” to get alerts on these topics while you shop around for a house. (For Minnesota home buyers, we’ve also set up a site that links to information for Twin Cities communities.)

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