Look at Culture and Recreation Before You Pick a New Hometown

So you’re looking for a new home. Our buyer agents can help – we know the industry, we know the Twin Cities, our job is to root for you exclusively! But maybe you’re just day dreaming at this point. Over the next few weeks, we’ll look at some tools to help you decide where you might want to move. Today we’ll take a look at fun things that might draw you to a community:

Culture and Entertainment: If you want to live near a movie theater, orchestra hall or museum these resources can help:
IndieFilm – links to independent movie theaters by state
Meet the Music – links to orchestra halls by location
Dance USA – an alphabetical list of dance troupes
Collectis – a map of museums and historical sites
ACT – a directory of community theatres
Festivals – a searchable database of festivals in the US

Sports and Recreation: If you are an outdoorsman, athlete of fan, the following sites may be useful:
WorldGolf – lists 23,000 golf courses in the US
Neartica – links to state park sites
Waetherbase – weather around the world
Adventure Directory – a map of extreme sports locations

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