Looking for Energy Efficient Homes

On the cover of today’s Star Tribune, an article (Corn stoves for homes are hot item, Nov 26, 2005) highlights a new energy efficient way to heat homes – a new corn-burning stove. A couple of weeks ago, local utilities company Xcel Energy announced a year-long contract for a pre-determined monthly price, asking customers to take a gamble on whether the rising gas costs will outweigh the predicted impact of a mild winter.

Energy and energy costs are getting to be bigger and bigger issues for home owners. Therefore energy bills and means of creating energy efficient homes should become issues for homebuyers.
At this time of year the signs of energy efficient house can be clear – look for a house without icicles, feel for drafts near windows and doors, and ask about the heating and utilities bills. Consider energy efficiency when you select and bid on your dream home. It could save you money in the long run.

An exclusive buyer agent is a realtor that will help you consider these issues and more when you are buying a new home. In Minnesota, the Buyers Real Estate Group is a top knotch buyer’s agency to consider.

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