Minnesota 1st Among America’s 10 Healthiest Cities!

Realtor.com’s recent post featured the top 10 list of Healthiest Cities in the America and Minnesota has climbed the ranks to become number 1.  To come up with this ranking, Livability.com editors reviewed data from County Healthcare rankings as well as information from ESRI to find places with quality and affordable healthcare.  Other factors that are included are adult obesity rate, access to healthy food options, ratios of physicians to residents and the number of hospitals.

Cities were evaluated for their infrastructure’s ability to promote healthy lifestyles for residents including walkability, availability and number of farmers markets, parks and golf courses, and the amount of other natural amenities.  They also reviewed EPA data to assess environmental issues.

Here are the top 1o Healthiest Cities

1. Minneapolis, MN

2. Cambridge, MA

3. Madison, WI

4. Miami, FL

5. Bridgeport, CT

6. Arlington, VA

7. Santa Ana, CA

8. Honolulu, HI

9. Fort Collins, CO

10. Yonkers, NY

Source: “Top 10 Healthiest Cities” Livability.com (April 6, 2015)

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