Negotiating the House Price – A Tip for Buying a Home

You found the house of your dreams – the next step is making the offer and starting the negotiation. This is where having an exclusive buyer agent can make your life easier – and ultimately cheaper. We are happy to do the negotiating for you and we have the experience to know when to push and when to bend.
Here are a few tips we have learned along the way:

  • In a slow house market it doesn’t hurt to start low. The seller can refuse and you can try again or a seller will counter.
  • In a hot market, you want to start close to the asking price, unless the home is clearly overpriced. The fewer contingencies you need to place on the offer the better your position. So, if possible have your financing.
  • Be flexible. Sometimes a seller will be willing to accept a lower offer if you can be flexible about when you close, move, or take care of other details.
  • Get it in writing. Sometimes buyers and sellers hear things differently; be sure to get it in writing.
  • Don’t trust the seller’s real estate agent to get the best price for you. The seller’s agent works for him and it’s his job to get the best job for them.
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