Relocation Tips for Picking a New Community in Minnesota

As part of the relocation series, today the Buyers Real Estate Group looks at resources to help you get a sense of a place before you move:

Census Bureau Quick Facts: Provides demographic information on cities through the US, such as population statistics, ethnicity, education, housing units, personal income, and business statistics.

MNPro: Lists more information on cities throughout Minnesota such as business and industry information, education, property tax, utilities and amenities, and more.

NewsVoyager: Lists 75 local and regional newspapers located throughout Minnesota. Check out the newspaper in your prospective community to see what’s happening, read the editorials for a flavor of the people, check out classifieds for job info.

FBI Crime in the US: Reports crime statistics by state, region, county or city agency. They also track a number of different crimes.

Check out the place you live now and compare it to places you are considering to get an idea of whether you are looking at similar or different communities.

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