Seasonal House Market

The Minneapolis Star Tribune headline says a lot…

One frigid November for home sales: Traditional sellers are waiting for the spring thaw; distress sellers aren’t. Result? Lower median sales.

Existing home sales dropped in November to 39.1 percent – that a drop of four percent from October. But the Minneapolis Star Tribune article goes on to suggest some content…

It’s not unusual for the November chill and holiday hubbub to put a damper on the late-winter housing market. Buyers are busy being festive, and house shopping isn’t as much fun when it’s cold. At the same time, sellers don’t want to be bothered by buyers, and many think it’s best to wait for the spring thaw. The situation is even more complicated this year. Credit is still tight. Economic uncertainty lingers. And buyers and sellers alike await signs that the market has turned.

Submitted by Minneapolis Real Estate Agent, Mary Rugani

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