Ways to Save of Feul Costs … Fact or Fiction?

Ever wish you could enjoy the saving of a fuel-efficient hybrid vehicle, but can’t stand the looks of them? Good news – here are a few simple ways to achieve the same type of savings and fuel economy, without having to buy that “interesting-looking” new car. Let’s take a look:

TIP 1: Stop driving like a maniac. Seriously, a change from aggressive driving behaviors to more moderate driving behaviors can result in savings of up to 37%! That’s nothing to shake a fist at. So the next time you want to make that accelerating, ducking pass between to cars then making a fast past because they were going “too slow”, consider cooling off instead.

TIP 2: Slow Down. Yes, you’re right, it does take a few minutes longer to get to places when you drive the actual speed limit. But on longer trips, you can save up to 14% by driving the posted speed. Oh, did I forget to mention the added savings of time & money if you did not get a speeding ticket?

TIP 3: Go Cruising. Not down the strip like back in the good old days, but using your cruise control as often as possible. When you avoid the almost unavoidable bouts of speeding up and slowing down on the highways, you can save up to 14%.

TIP 4: Don’t sit around idle. If you avoid excessive idling, you can save up to 19% on your fuel costs. Although it seems like it could be better for the car to avoid shutting off the engine and then restarting again when making shorter stops, here is the rule of thumb for efficiency… If your care will be stopped for longer than a minute, turn it off.

You may have heard these tips before, maybe they even sound like advice your parents gave you back in the day… but the real life savings are significant. And with today’s high gas prices, taking a few of these tips on the road with you will quickly result in real money in your pocket!

Submitted by Buyers Real Estate Group Partner
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Dave Petroske
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