What do real estate pros know that you don’t?

bird houseDo you ever feel like you just aren’t sure what you’re looking for? The saying goes – you’ll know it when you see it. But will you really? House Logic recently ran a helpful article that outlines four things that real estate professionals look at when they are buying:

  • Be Willing to Compromise for Your Priorities – which means take the time to prioritize your wish list. To some a fireplace is a necessity, to others it’s not worth an extra 10 minute drive to work. How do you feel about it?
  • Dig Into the Details – knowledge is power, especially it you’re looking at an older home. Check out the sewer lines, the roof, the wiring – are these going to need updates soon?
  • Focus on Lifestyle – are you looking forward to that backyard barbecue in your own backyard enough to want to shovel the walk in December? Do you see yourself in the suburbs, city, town? Will quality of school matter any time soon? Are more interested in a quiet place by the lake or a walk to the bar?
  • Filter Your Choices Through the Lens of Resale – unless you know you will never want to move again, you have to think about resale. That indoor-outdoor pool sure would be fun for a while – but can you sell it later?

There are plenty of professional tips to help you choose and get the right house. Call the Buyers Real Estate Group – we can help. We have purchased more homes than you can imagine and we are invested in helping you make the right choice for you!

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