Meet Minnesota’s Exclusive Home Buyer Agents

Buyers Real Estate Group is a Minneapolis-based real estate agency focusing on the Greater Minneapolis / St Paul area. We lead the industry by having Real Estate Agents who exclusively represent Home Buyers. Let us help you find the right house today!

When you work with Buyers Real Estate Group, you have an Exclusive Buyer Agent. We have been exclusvely representing home buyers for 22+ years and our agents have an average of 15 years representing buyers in Minnesota. That means we represent the best interests of home buyers at all times. We never represent the seller. We specialize in representing home buyers in the Minneapolis / St Paul area.

We are professional, licensed real estate agents that can show properties to a home buyer in the Twin Cities without the possibility of representing the seller side of the table at the same time. Few other real estate agents can say they help you avoid dual agency!

So if you’re looking for a townhouse, condo, single family home or investment, please give us a call at 612-247-0240.

If you’d like to request a private meeting with an experienced realtor to discuss your situation call 612-247-0240 to get that set up at a time that works for you. We are happy to meet to discuss how we can support your home buying plans better than any other realtors!

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Listen to your house – it’s giving you good advice!

houseWhen you hear a rattle in your car engine, do you turn up the radio or do you fix it? Then why are you “turning up” the radio when you’re house is trying to rattle?

HouseLogic recently ran a helpful article on how your house is trying to talk to you and what it might meant. Here’s a recap…

  • Flickering Lights – Could be dangerous, loose electrical connections that can cause power to jump over the gaps. Pros call this “arcing,” which can cause fires. If, however, lights dim when the refrigerator or another appliance turns on, the circuit might be overloaded.
  • Peeling Exterior Paint – Moisture is probably getting underneath the paint. Leaky gutters or a steamy bathroom on the other side of the affected area are often the culprit.
  • Peeling Exterior Paint – Moisture is probably getting underneath the paint. Leaky gutters or a steamy bathroom on the other side of the affected area are often the culprit.
  • Loud Knocking – If the knocking occurs when you turn off water, you have what’s known as “water hammer” — when fast-moving water comes to a sudden stop and there’s no air chamber (usually a short pipe) to cushion the shock wave. If knocking occurs when your furnace switches on or off, metal ducts are expanding or contracting as temperature changes.
  • A Toilet Tank That Refills All on Its Own – Worn interior parts may be causing water to trickle through the toilet constantly, causing the water level in the tank to lower and trigger the refill mechanism. A leaky toilet potentially wastes 1,500 gallons a month (not to mention the wasted $$$!).
  • Creaks and Growns – All houses creak and groan a little as parts expand and contract with temperature fluctuations. Changes in levels of humidity can be the cause, too.
  • Musty Odors – Mildew is the root of all that’s musty. It’s a yucky, not-good-for-you fungus. Basements are favorite haunts for this nasty life form. But basically, any place that is humid enough to allow condensation to form on cold surfaces can grow mildew and assault your senses.
  • Rotten-Egg Smell When You Run Water – A type of bacteria that produces hydrogen sulfide gas (the scientific name for rotten-egg smell). It could be in your water heater or in your drain.
  • Strange-Tasting Tap Water – If the water tastes metallic, iron, or copper may be leaching from pipes. If you taste chlorine, your water supplier may have overdosed on disinfectant, or a correct level could be interacting with organic stuff (like that bacteria mentioned earlier) within your plumbing system.
  • Trembling Floors – If all the bottles on your newly set-up bar jiggle and shimmy each time you walk by, or if your floor feels like it gives under your weight, the floor joists might not be sturdy enough. That’s often caused when homeowners remove walls during remodeling.

Visit HouseLogic for the cures!

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It’s a home seller’s market right now. What’s a home buyer to do?

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported last weekend that the the Twin Cities Housing Market is a seller’s market…

In 2016, the median time that a house was on the market in the metro was a mere 33 days, according to the Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors, and that figure is likely to fall to just a month this year. By contrast, the median time a house was on the market from 2007 through 2016, a period that includes a downturn and recovery, was 124 days.

And as if that weren’t enough…

Across the metro, demand for entry-level houses is outpacing supply and homebuilders aren’t able to fill the gap quickly enough.

So what does that for buyers? You need to act quickly – but not rashly. An exclusive buyer agent can help. We focus on the needs of the buyer. We know the market, we act quickly and we know how to negotiate for you!

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Buyer Real Estate Group’s gift to Women Of Nations

Around the holidays we like to give back to the community. For the past 20 years we have been delivering gift bags for the women at the Women of Nations shelter.

Women of Nations is a shelter for women and children, and one of the few that also accepts family pets. We go over on Christmas eve to deliver the bags; this year we also took a large bag of dog food. Many of the women come with very little, the bags have personal products as well as gloves, warm socks and some body soap, lotion,etc.

Here you can see the work being done by some of our favorite elves – Renei’s granddaughter (in her elf pajamas); she helped Renei pack up gift bags for the women at Women Of Nations.

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How to Winterize Your Home

winter picGreat advice from HouseLogic – and just in time…

  • Check roof tiles, shutters, siding, and other exterior materials to ensure they’re secure
  • Seal air leaks around the home to keep it warmer (and save energy costs)
  • Insulate all exposed plumbing pipes to prevent burst pipes
  • Trim tree branches away from your roof to prevent roof damage
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Happy Thanksgiving!

We want to wish all of our friends, family and homeowners a Happy Thanksgiving. We are enriched to know you! We are blessed to live in a beautiful community!



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Welcome to the Twin Cities – check out our fun places

Are you new to the Twin Cities? Just thinking about relocating. Allow us to help by putting our best foot forward.

The CityPages is a biweekly newspaper all about what’s going on in Minneapolis and St Paul as far as arts, music, theater, film, food and politics are concerned. Each year they run a “Best of” survey with their readers and publish the results!

It’s a quick way to feel like an insider and a heck of a way to create a “to-do” list to get to know the Twin Cities better. Check it out!

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Can your home help you sleep?

According to HouseLogic your house can help you sleep better. Here are a few tips to make your house more sleep friendly or help you pick out a sleep-friendly house to buy…

  1. Keep is dark. Use blackout shades. Find windows that point away from the light. Use red light bulbs before bed; it helps your body start to take on melatonin.
  2. Clear out the clutter. Clutter induces stress and reduces sleep. So clear out those dishes, the laundry and mail for a better night sleep.
  3. Keep the TV out of the bedroom. It does not help you sleep is keeps you awake.
  4. Keep your bedroom your bedroom. Multitasking your bedroom as an office or exercise room leads to sleep time distractions that you don’t need.
  5. Soundproof the room. Just like light, sound can keep you awake at light. Find a house with a back bedroom, away from the street traffic or find a way to muffle the noise.
  6. Improve your air. If it’s easier to breathe, it’s easier to sleep. High levels of carbon dioxide can hinder your concentration the next morning.
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Frogtown, St Paul: Affordable, diverse and on the train

little mekongThe Thomas-Dale neighborhood in St Paul is affectionately known as Frogtown – from the German Froschburg. It is built up around University Avenue just West of Downtown St. Paul.

The Blue Line train runs right through it, making public transportation quick and easy.

The area is home to many Vietnamese and Hmong immigrants – in fact, it is the largest urban contingent in the United States. There are several large Asian markets in the area an many immigrant-owned businesses.

The area celebrated their cultural diversity with fun events like the annual Night Market – a family-friendly street fair of food, shopping, music, dancing and more.

The homes are very affordable and with the new trains, it is easy to access either downtown (St Paul or Minneapolis). The areas is served by Central High school – the oldest high school in Minnesota.

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Clever ways to save money on your house now and later

A house is the biggest investment most of us will ever make. So how can you enjoy it and keep it in good shape? We have some tips to share from House Logic

  1. Take shorter showers – saves on water bills now but more importantly reduces the risk of mildew. In fact run the exhaust while you shower and squeegee after and you’ll be in great shape.
  2. Let the sun shine – especially in the winter. Closing the shades, you’re missing the natural warmth from the sun. But keeping the shades closed at night might keep the warmth in – and the neighbors out!
  3. Don’t save the quick dollar. Know when you spend a little for quality – especially in terms of resale. Buyers like to buy quality appliances – and many are energy efficient.
  4. Only run the dishwasher when it’s full.
  5. Go easy on the mulch. Too much of a good thing can Damage the foliage.
  6. Don’t be too fast to remodel. Live in the house for a while first. That window may have seemed high until you learned the neighbors were bright light folks.
  7. Quit saving everything. Clutter doesn’t make you happy or sell your house!
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Highland Park, St Paul: Families, school and centrally located

highlandHighland Park is in the southwestern corner of St Paul. It is located along the Mississippi River. According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 23,202.

Highland Park currently is a mix of well maintained older housing, commercial and retail property and light industrial buildings. The “Village” located near the former Ford Plant is host to a number of restaurants and shops.

There are several schools in the area, including a larger public high school (Highland High School – a Blue Ribbon School!) a public grade school, a charter school and a couple of Catholic schools. There are several churches of different denominations and most of St Paul’s synagogues are in Highland.

Highland is a very walk-friendly neighborhood with a mix of new residents and folks who have been in the area for generations.

Contact us for more information on homes in the area!

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